Meet the team

Advancing Digital is a project dedicated to providing fully-funded training in a range of digital skills, supporting businesses and employees on their learning journeys.

This means pointing people to the best available training for key aspects of their business, to support productivity, growth and new ways of working.

The Advancing Digital programme provides South Yorkshire businesses and employees with a fully funded learning platform, offering over 200 hand selected courses and Ofqual accredited training.

Whether you work in customer relationship management, or data information management, there are a range of accredited and non-accredited courses to help develop you and your team.

The platform also brings together online and face to face learning. If there isn’t a readily available solution to your learning needs, we can commission specific resources to meet that gap in the market.

To register for the Advancing Digital Programme, you or your business need to reside in South Yorkshire. We also require all participants to provide the following evidence, in line with European Social Fund requirements:

  • Advancing Digital Registration Form
  • Payslip (amounts can be redacted)
  • Learners Action Plan

To find out more, email us at: