How long do the courses take to complete?

All course lengths vary. Check the details of your chosen course for deadlines and the number of hours of learning required.

The platform provides a time commitment filter, so you can search for courses of varying lengths to suit your needs.

Are the courses accredited?

We offer both accredited and non-accredited courses. All courses available on the platform are from independent providers, so check the details for each. Some accredited courses may or may not be recognised by employers.

How can I fit the courses around my full-time job?

The platform provides access to courses that are available at any time of day. You will be able to learn at your own pace, and when it suits you.

Please note: completion deadlines will vary between providers. We recommend you make note of your progress and any deadlines to avoid the loss of any milestones and completion dates.

Why haven’t I received a code?

To receive a code, you must fill out the online form. Click the button on the home page labelled: “Contact us for a code” and you will be taken to a form which will be submitted to us.

We will then email you an Advancing Digital Registration Form and Learners Action Plan to fill out.

We also require your most recent payslip (amounts can be redacted). Once we have all those details, we will email you your personally assigned code.

Why doesn’t my code work?

If your code does not grant you access to the site, please make a note of the error message you received and contact our team at:

How do I leave the programme?

If you wish to terminate your access to the platform, let us know by emailing:

You will be required to complete a leaver form, then we will be able to terminate your access code.

Do I have to complete a certain number of courses to maintain my access to the platform?

No. You can complete as many or as few courses as you desire. Access will be maintained unless you request to leave the programme.

Can I do as many courses as I like?

You can take as many non-accredited courses as you like. For each accredited course, you are required to fill out an updated Action Plan outlining how it will help your skills development. If you have already completed an accredited Level 2 course, you are currently not allowed to follow this with another Level 2 course in another field of work. However, you can sign up to an accredited Level 3 course if you have completed a Level 2 Award in a similar field.

If you have any other enquiries, please contact us on